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As you probably know JSF 2 is a major upgrade over JSF 1.2. One of the major additions to this version of JSF is standard Ajax support. This article covers Ajax features in JSF 2. If you are familiar with RichFaces and specifically the a4j:support tag then learning how to use Ajax features in JSF 2 is going to be very easy. Many concepts and features are being carried over from RichFaces.  Let’s start.  JSF 2 comes with one tag that provides Ajax functionality. The tag is called f:ajax (sounds familiar to a4j:support – right?) When I do RichFaces trainings, I like to divide the core ideas into three parts: sending an Ajax request, partial view rendering and partial view processing. I will use the same approach here. Sending an Ajax request JSF comes with one tag to send an Ajax request, the tag is called . This tag is actually a client side behavior (here is a great ... (more)

Be Your Own Enterprise Mobile Apps Powerhouse with HTML5

ReadWriteWeb published SAP Plans to Dominate Enterprise Mobile Apps with HTML5 and New Partnerships article a few days ago. SAP acquired a mobile development firm Syclo and also announced important partnerships with Appcelertaor, Adobe (PhoneGap) and Sencha to become “…most powerful enterprise mobile developers in the world”. Dan Rowinksi makes a number of very good points. Enterprise mobile development is different from its consumer counterparts. The objectives of enterprise apps often have less to do with mobile device performance and more to do with functionality. Consumer app... (more)

How I Use Social Media?

Twitter on Ulitzer I was thinking about this for the past few months, how do I use or how should I use all the social “stuff” out there? As I thought about it, this is the picture that surfaced. It works for me, maybe it will work for you, maybe not. Maybe I’ll change some things in the future. I use the three main social sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Facebook Facebook is purely personal, I will not accept any professional invites. I only connect with family and friends. Sorry, I just don’t think someone who I met at a conference needs to see my family pictures. LinkedIn L... (more)

How to Highlight a Field in JSF When Validation Fails

Highlighting an input field that failed validation (or conversation) is a common UI practice today. This sort of functionality is not available in JSF (nor RichFaces) out of the box (Seam does have it). I got an email from RichFaces 4 workshop attendee from CONFESS_2011 conference asking how to do it and I thought it’s a good idea to make it blog post. It turns out, implementing such functionality is pretty simple. All we need to do is check if a particular field (component) is valid and then render or not render a style for the input field. Let’s start with the Java bean: @Man... (more)

Tiggzi Is Part of the Upcoming Bootstrap Week

Bootstrap Week is one week in a month were a bunch of really cool companies and services give presentations and provide help on everything mobile related. Definitely check it out, you will find a lot of interesting stuff. Tiggzi is part of the Bootstrap Week. The Tiggzi session is on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT. Use this link to sign up for the Tiggzi session directly. You will learn the following: Building mobile UI with HTML5/jQuery Mobile, using cloud-based app builder Connecting to 3rd party REST API service Using a cloud database for storing app data The new datab... (more)