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Ajax4jsf has turned one and what a year it has been. It was an amazing ride for all of us here at Exadel. The popularity of Ajax4jsf is evidenced by the size of the community, available resources, examples, blog entries, and articles. Also, a significant number of organizations today use Ajax4jsf in production. Ajax4jsf is an open source extension to JavaServer Faces (JSF) that adds AJAX capability to JSF applications without requiring the writing of any JavaScript. So, after wishing Ajax4jsf and those who have worked on it a heartfelt "Happy Birthday," let's take the time to reflect on this whirlwind of a year. The Road to Ajax4jsf First, we'll look at the technological situation preceding the birth of Ajax4jsf. In doing this, we'll look at the "jsf" piece, then the "Ajax" piece, and finally the "4" piece. JSF JavaServer Faces is a standard component-based user int... (more)

RichFaces Region

The a4j:region tag in RichFaces is probably one of the most misunderstood tags, but it provides one of the most important features in RichFaces. With it, server-side processing can be limited to only certain designated components. One reason for misunderstanding could be the tag name. Many believe that the region tag limits what is rendered in the JSF component tree (to the browser). However, it’s used for the opposite purpose, to mark areas on the JSF component tree to be processed on the server during the Apply Request Values, Process Validations, and Update Model Values phase... (more)

JavaFX and Spring CRUD

Exadel Flamingo RIA framework comes with CRUD application generator. Using the maven-based generator, you can easily generate JavaFX user interfaces connected to Spring or Seam back-ends. In this post I showed how to do it Seam. Let’s do the same with Spring framework. There are just a few simple steps. If you don’t have, download and install JavaFX SDK 1.2 for your operating system. Set JAVAFX_HOME variable Download Exadel Flamingo Unzip the downloaded file Run flamingoinstall (if you are on Linux, you will need to make the file executable) Inside flamingo/bin, run flamingo cre... (more)

RichFaces 4 Alpha 2 Is Now Available, Project Template

The RichFaces team has made a major step toward RichFaces 4 by releasing Alpha 2 version. I’m hoping to see GA in September. Keep in mind that not all components have been migrated to version 4 yet. The components that are available right now are listed below. Some highlights in RichFaces 4 Alpha 2: Redesigned and improved Component Development Kit Ajax core components set almost completely migrated. Ajax request smart Queuing mechanism implemented Rich Data Iteration components created Skinning including standard control skinning feature was migrated More information on this rel... (more)

Three RIA Tools Examined: JSF, Flex, and JavaFX

2008 is going to be an important year for Rich Internet Applications. Most organizations are delivering or planning to deliver Rich Internet Applications; however, at the same time, most IT managers are facing a dilemma: which Rich Internet Application technology and platform to use? The number of different frameworks and libraries is too vast to even consider evaluating a fraction of them.  To make this task manageable, I'm going to narrow things down to three different technologies for delivering enterprise-level Rich Internet Applications. While the first two (JSF and Flex) a... (more)