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The Appery.io team just released a number of really nice features. Learn about what’s new in this post. App Builder improvements New jQuery Mobile Popup component The new jQuery Mobile Popup component gives you more power to build app UI.  The component can be used to notify the user to confirm an action, or just display any important information. More List options We added a number of properties to the list to simplify UI building. For instance, it is now easy to make the list read-only. We also added the ability to manage the list items order. You can do this by using the Indexproperty in the Properties panel: A better way to select icons Everyone likes icons, and there is now a better way to select one. If the component supports an icon (List, Button etc.), the Icon property will be available: By clicking “Choose,” the icons list will appear: This is much more... (more)

Off To Gluecon!

I will be at Glue Conference tomorrow and Thursday.  What is Gluecon? It’s a very nice developer oriented conference (from their website): Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, APIs, Big Data — all of the converging, important trends in technology today share one thing in common: developers. Developers are the vanguard. Developers are building in the cloud, building mobile applications, utilizing and building APIs, and working with big data. At the end of the day, developers are the core. I like a small conference atmosphere. A small conference allows to have more conversations, discussions, an... (more)

Building Mobile Apps With Tropo API in Appery.io

Tropo provides a powerful cloud API that can be used to add real-time communication features to your app. Using  popular web technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and many others, it makes it easier to create and control network features. Tropo also provides a great REST API that lets you configure and control Tropo applications through the use of RESTful methods. This includes the ability to create new Tropo apps, add phone numbers to them, delete applications, and much more. And as Appery.io provides a very comfortable way to work with REST API’s, it’s unbelievably easy ... (more)

Gluecon 2014 in Tweets and Pictures

This week I attended the awesome Gluecon 2014 conference. Here are some of the (my) most interesting and memorable tweets from the conference. #united #flysfo #gluecon http://t.co/rtOzqxZ9EA— Max Katz (@maxkatz) May 21, 2014 #gluecon http://t.co/pFmCyNjkb7— Max Katz (@maxkatz) May 21, 2014 "SDKs are on the critical path to developer success for your API" #gluecon— Max Katz (@maxkatz) May 21, 2014 @kinlane and @intalex #gluecon http://t.co/tLLzJ1SLWS— Max Katz (@maxkatz) May 21, 2014 You must build SDKs #gluecon @johnsheehan http://t.co/EczB7D7OWT— Max Kat... (more)

The Future of Cloud IDEs

A great article of future of cloud IDEs: The Cloud IDE and its impact on DevOps by Chris Riley (@HoardingInfo). The article makes a number of excellent points. Many developers will oppose the Cloud IDE without much consideration. They will site claims that they are more efficient with their slightly better than notepad, notepad. Or that they don’t have time to learn a new IDE. Or that they need the local offline instance. But really I’ve found that these are all just excuses. It does not take long to adapt to a new IDE. I know this from experience changing from Visual Studio, to ... (more)